Refund Policy

Q1 :  If the product is damaged or broken

If the product is broken or damaged during product delivery, you must call us when the delivery man is in front. You can call us on 01841952526 on these numbers. If for some reason you cannot receive the product yourself, you must inform the person who understands the product instead of you. No such complaint will be accepted once the delivery man is gone.

 Q2: If there is any wrong products or wrong quantity

If your order number and the product you are receiving is not the same when ordering the product, then we need to call and inform the delivery man. We will deliver the missing products to you within 24-72 hours and you will not need to pay any additional and delivery charges.

Q3: Don’t you want to use it?

If you want to return a product, we have the perfect option for you, You have to inform us within 72 hours after delivery.