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  • Every 3D Jelly Gelatin Tools is made out of High Quality 100% stainless steel.
  • These fine needles have to be fitted with a gelatin bottle 100ml Luer lock tip and syringe of 20 ml or 30 ml size.
  • 3D Jelly Gelatin Tools won’t bend over, break up or rust and not like the competitors.

About Jelly Art Tools

How Do You Use 3D Jelly Gelatin Tools? •use a sharp-tip needle to make the pistil, •create the first metal layer by choosing a small 3D gelatin tool, •create the second metal layer by choosing a larger 3D gelatin tool, •repeat the above steps until you have as many layers as you desire, •inject green gelatin into the petals, •inject a coloring of your choice for the flower layer. If you are considering buying a tool for the purpose of designing your cake, they should get the 3D Jelly GelatinTools. Its large variation of the set with different shapes and designs help you achieve the unique, customized, and perfect cake of your choice. The 15 sets each have 10 needles and each needle has distinctive sizes and shapes. You can rotate between them while designing your cake in order to achieve the blend that you seek. If you’re looking to give a gift to a friend, family member, or acquaintance in this Holiday, you should consider getting a 3D Jelly Gelatin Tool and I can assure you that however, the recipient is, they would be glad.


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